Take the Pulse of Construction Projects at Fingertips

CHAIN won HSBC x HKET Innovative Business Award 2019 in Startup Category
CHAIN won HSBC x HKET Innovative Business Award 2019 in Startup Category
February 26, 2020
CHAIN To Showcase Digital Twin Solutions in ReThink 2020
October 28, 2020
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Take the Pulse of Construction Projects at Fingertips

Take the Pulse of Construction Projects at Fingertips

It is no longer a dream to just sit back and relax in an office while tapping the pulse of any construction projects. The CHAIN Technology’s Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP) puts them right at your fingertips!

Being compatible with most of the spatial information models such as BIM, Reality Model, GIS, Point Cloud, 360 panoramic photos and IoT data, the HRP is a unified platform for project owners to manage a complex site throughout the entire project lifecycle.

4D Tracking of Construction Progress

Project managers yearn to keep track of everything in the construction process to make sure that the project is within scope and budget, on schedule and of good quality. It used to be a brick-and-mortar task accomplished by technicians taking photos at the site.

The HRP is the game changer.  Our 4D Progress feature enables users to visualise and tour around the site in detail, even for inaccessible places.  The “timeline” function also empowers users to keep chronological records and compare side-by-side the as-built scenes with the design. Together with the spatial optimisation feature which facilitates simulation of construction progress and early identification of potential hiccups as well as the Gantt Chart Analysis which helps optimise sequenced tasks, HRP keeps everything run on time at minimised costs and risks.

Digital Transformation

Digitisation has been a driving force in business transformation and so is for the construction industry. Corporates invest in digitisation to achieve seamless workflows, from submitting forms to conducting surveys to drafting contracts. HRP can serve as a single source of truth for workflow and file management on cloud, not only contextual documents but also multi-media files georeferenced to the actual location. With HRP installed on devices, project stakeholders can co-create, store and check the information they want anytime and anywhere. By leveraging the 5G network, HRP can instantly visualize the livestream provided by drone camera which offers a more in-depth inspection for critical site condition.

For more enhanced user-centric experience, HRP is made extendable to AR/VR interactive applications and 4D Immersive CAVE for communication and problem-solving among multiple users.

Eager to experience first-handedly the benefits of enhanced productivity, better build quality and improved site safety? HRP is on the pre-approved list of the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF). Apply to CITF to start your construction projects with the comprehensive collaboration system.