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Why Digital Twin technology is critical to the future of airport operations

  • Press: September 2019 issue of Passenger Terminal World Magazine
  • Date: 9 Sept, 2019
  • Excerpt: Creating a digital twin of HKIA is one of the innovative programs of the smart airport vision……The digital twin’s lifelike visualization helps the Hong Kong Airport Authority streamline design review for new construction projects, especially for off-site construction methods that require more precise planning. <Read More>


Digital Twin Campus Initiative Drives Smart Facilities Management for Hong Kong Science Park

  • Press: Tunnels & Infrastructures
  • Date: 28 Aug, 2019
  • Excerpt: CHAIN has utilized reality modeling technology to capture the outdoor campus and has relied on the 3D data and visualization features to perform spatial optimization for security management and virtual tours for potential tenants.   <Read More>


A digital replica for Hong Kong Science Park

  • Press: BIM Today
  • Date: 16 Aug, 2019
  • Excerpt: Specialising in big data analytics, Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes and hybrid reality modelling, CHAIN Technology Development, one of the incubatees of HKSTP’s LEAP programme, was retained to provide the digital twin solution, which the organisation called the Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP), for the HKSP. <Read More>


建造業引進 VR 職安培訓!虛擬世界生命有 Take Two?

  • Press:
  • Date: 16 Aug, 2019
  • Excerpt: 應用創新科技於各行業中是全球的大趨勢,建造業亦不例外,所以建造業議會及發展局就有以 VR 進行安全訓練體驗的計劃,讓前線工友能於 VR 眼鏡中開展模擬的工作。計劃讓工友以第一身了解潛在風險,甚至模擬意外發生的情景。<Read More>


【加速本地化】IBM 科學園開創新中心 9100項專利支持五大行業

  • Press: wepro180
  • Date: 14 Jun, 2019
  • Excerpt: 專門提供應用混融實境平台(Hybrid Reality Platform, HRP)服務的 Chain Technology 創辦人陳震宇,就借助了 IBM 人工智能及大數據分析技術,推出視覺化的智能管理方案,他說 IBM 在園區內設立創新中心,最重要的意義是為園區內的初創企業顯示了支援的決心,令初創企業或其他科技公司的管理者,更主動上門尋求協助。<Read More>



  • Press: HK Open TV
  • Date: 8 Jun, 2019
  • Excerpt: Jackie Wong, Head of Business Development at CHAIN Technology Development, appeared as a guest on the TV programme of “ 科遊記” on HK Open TV to introduce our hero product, Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP).<Read More>



  • Press: Etnet 經濟通
  • Date: 7 Jun, 2019
  • Excerpt: 機管局又與另一初創 CHAIN Technology Development 合作,為香港機場度身訂做數碼分身(Digital Twin)系統,可在虛擬空間中複製整座客運大樓設施,藉此實時監察機場各處運作。<Read More>


IBM創新中心落戶科學園 聚焦金融保險科技

  • Press: Hong Kong Economics Times
  • Date: 6 Jun, 2019
  • Excerpt: 與 IBM 合作的初創「Chain Technology」,專門研發將地理和建築數據轉化為立體模型,配合研發產品「混融實境平台(Hybrid Reality Platform, HRP)」,提供視覺化的管理方案。<Read More>


New Hong Kong Smart Lab opens with aim of allowing tech start-ups to pitch ideas that can be used to improve public services

  • Press: South China Morning Post
  • Date: 30 May, 2019
  • Excerpt: Smart Government Innovation Lab will focus on finding products such as big data analytics, blockchain and robotics from firms, especially local start-ups. A display at the government’s Smart Lab in Cyberport is developed by CHAIN Technology Development. <Read More>


香港智慧政府創新實驗室啟動 配對 Startup中小企技術方案

  • Press:
  • Date: 30 May, 2019
  • Excerpt: 有提供天氣、交通等城市資訊的「城市儀表板」,以及提供立體地圖和建築資訊模型(BIM)的沉浸式 4D CAVE 系統等。據悉, 4D CAVE 系統正是由香港科技園旗下初創企業 Chain Technology Development 研發。<Read More>


智慧政府創新實驗室開幕 佔地二千呎+提升公共服務質素

  • Press: Unwire.Pro
  • Date: 30 May, 2019
  • Excerpt:「沉浸式四維 CAVE 系統」為一個免穿戴的虛擬實境裝置。結合融合實境平台(HRP)、建築資訊模型(BIM)及三維地圖,可用於模擬及展示智慧城市的試驗。<Read More>


智慧政府創新實驗室開幕 樹木辦為8000樹裝感應器 可發傾斜信號

  • Press: hk01
  • Date: 30 May, 2019
  • Excerpt:可應用於地政總署及建築署的沉浸式四維CAVE系統,為免穿戴的虛擬實景裝置,系統融合三維地圖、建築資訊模型(BIM)及實境平台(HRP),可模擬機展示智慧城市的各種試驗技術。<Read More>


Hong Kong Science Park Leads Start-Up Delegation to North America’s Fastest Growing Technology Conference in Toronto

  • Press: PR Newswire
  • Date: 15 May, 2019
  • Excerpt: Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP) has facilitated seamless 3D asset management, construction progress monitoring, safety training and predictive behaviour which in turn saves the time and budget of construction projects. CHAIN’s solution has made DIGITAL TWIN possible in modeling and information aspect, by leveraging its expertise in BIM, Reality Modelling, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Management.<Read More>


Hong Kong Airport’s IoT, smart airport initiatives win big in ICT Awards 2019

  • Press: FutureIoT
  • Date: 7 May, 2019
  • Excerpt: HKIA Digital Twin project co-developed by CHAIN Technology Development and Hong Kong International Airport won the Certificate of Merit in the Smart Business category. <Read More>


7 technologies Hong Kong is using to build a smart city

  • Press: IT World Canada
  • Date: 14 Apr, 2019
  • Excerpt:Chain Technology Development Co, a startup that came out of Hong Kong’s Science Park, has in turn developed a hybrid reality platform that Hong Kong will use to manage its buildings. The technology combines building information modelling to represent real buildings in a virtual 3D space. <Read More>


預視5G物聯網 初企推實時資訊3D地圖

  • Press: Ming Pao
  • Date: 20 Mar, 2019
  • Excerpt:本地初創公司Chain Technology預視到物聯網世界數據互通互聯的重要,開發出「融合實境平台」整合不同設備的數據,並以3D虛擬立體模型呈現實時資訊,有助規劃、設計及管理城市。<Read More>