Hong Kong’s Budget Calls for Adoption of Innovative Technology to Prep for Smart City

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January 16, 2019
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March 15, 2019
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Hong Kong’s Budget Calls for Adoption of Innovative Technology to Prep for Smart City

The 2019-20 Budget recently released by the HKSAR Government, is a wakeup call for the construction industry. With Smart City Blueprint on hand, the government is pushing the industry forward to adopt innovative technology to gear up for the rapid transformation of the society and the digitisation of works supervision system.

In its vast context, geospatial data is an indispensable element for the development of Smart City. With possessions of large volume of geographic information data, the Development Bureau is working with Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) and other government departments to set up Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) by 2023. CSDI is a unified platform to facilitate the sharing of geospatial data across different departments. The government has pledged to spend $300 million to expedite the development of digital infrastructure.

To make the best use of geospatial data, drawing map is a natural choice. The government has already set the target to make high-quality 3D digital maps of the whole territory available to public and private sectors in phases.

As a pioneering project to showcase how it would look like, CHAIN has created the Virtual Smart Campus for Hong Kong Science Park. It is a centralized and cloud-based geo-intelligent data hub where raw data collected by IoT devices are imported and analyzed to facilitate efficient management.

This is the fruitful result of CHAIN’s Smart City solution, Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP) which employs Reality Modelling, Building Information Modelling (BIM), IoT connectivity and other cutting-edge technologies. The output is not only a 3D digital map, but also a dynamic 3D city model and collaborative data platform for the stakeholders to perform cost surveillance, works progress monitoring and project governance.

With Construction 2.0 on the agenda, the government has showed its dedication to enhance the standard and efficiency of works supervision by means of innovative technology. Moving forward in parallel line, CHAIN is devoted to contribute to transforming Hong Kong into a world-class Smart City.